Saturday, January 7, 2012

WIPocalypse List 2012

All my posts about the 2012 WIPocalypse are being tagged with, you guessed it, 2012 WIPocalypse. Click on the 2012 WIPocalypse tag at the bottom of this list, and you'll get all my 2012 WIPocalypse pictures and ramblings . . .

- create useable space and work areas in my home by organizing or purging clutter

- reduce the amount of craft and pattern cd's and make them more useable by organizing them onto dvd's, and create online backups and browsable cover lists (possibly enhance this by using 'library-thing' online - AND update my library at Ravelry)

- crocheted rugs - nine sheets in torn strips are ready to sew together, then crochet. Finish them.

- crocheted rugs - at least 10 sheets are needing to be torn, and sewn, and crocheted. Finish them.

- several pounds of raw fleece is needing washing before it can by carded. Finish it.
- 3 pounds of pitch black llama
- 2 pounds of white corriedale
- 2 pounds of brown/black Welsh Mountain Sheep
- 5 pounds of white unknown local breed
- 1 pound (maybe more) of chiengora to wash, but this will increase in spring. Get busy and finish last years, cause this year is gonna be a BUMPER crop! Finish it.

- blue/grey ribbed cowl. Finish it.

- needlepoint grizzly bear. Finish it.

- redwork embroidered sleeping cat quilt blocks. Finish them.

- embroidered cards. A box full of punched and ready to work. Finish them.

- hand drawn and printed design patterns need to organized and filed in a useable manner. Gather them all together, sort, file. I still need to come up with a way to organize and store the larger rolled up ones. Maybe a stack of cardboard mailing tubes on their sides? Figure it out, and Finish it.

- several more cardboard magazine holders need to be covered with mac-tack so they are dustable, and less ugly. Finish them.

- quilts. Finish them.
- log cabin Christmas quilt
- log cabin 'samples' quilt
- yellow paper piecing quilt
- flannel hexie lap quilt

Phew. Well, that's not ALL my WIP's but it's all I feel like listing at the moment. I think a couple of the quilts 'may' get removed from the list, we'll see how it goes. And I know there are a few other things to add, but if I want to be successful at finishing these for myself, I should make my goals 'DO-ABLE'. I here-by give myself permission to divide my projects into UFO's and WIP's. I always have trouble with that. If I change my way of thinking about these projects - and decide what I AM working on as a WIP and what is getting put away and forgiven as a UFO then maybe I will concentrate on a few and actually get them done! We shall see :-)

more organising - sigh

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This table was meant to be a project table, for working on projects, not a storage table, for storing projects and tools.

work in progress - create space!

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I've decided to join WIPocalypse - organized by Measi's Musing over here -

The concept fits right in with some of 2012 resolutions for change. One of which is to attend to my blogs, and another which is to get some of WIP's completed.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

testing a new software...

so, I need to convert several images into one pdf file.
so, I don't have seven million several hundred dollars to avail myself of the full version of Adobe Acrobat.
so, I'm trying out this converter.
so, YOU can try it out too by downloading it here

I'm interested in knowing how it works for you - I find that the folks who USE the programs can often clue me into some pretty neat and useful tricks.

I'll share what I think about the whole program soon!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Such a Pretty Apron

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One day I'll make my honey take a photo of me wearing her - I know a charming lady who would just make her dear dog model it - but I'd rather be the model myself :-)

The Bestest Apron Ever

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As promised, the best apron in the whole world - I LOVE this apron! If you click on the photo I believe you will go to my Flickr album where you can see the notes about the stitching that went into this lovely piece.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So what Deva Like stuff did I get accomplished today, well a fair bit actually before dashing off to work. But the highlight really was ironing my apron, I had to search for it for almost an hour... but I did get a bunch of linen folded and put away as a result! Shortened the stack up a bit :-)

I absolutely love that apron. It's very cleverly engineered. I'll share a couple pictures of it real soon, maybe tomorrow (Tuesday evening that is) after work. Since I discovered it in a Thrift Store it qualifies! I also need to alter some terry cloth towels - the band at edges has shrunken and I have a method to correct that - so maybe I'll try my hand at organising a little tutorial for 'Making Do'.

Stay calm girl, stay calm and just carry on...